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Fishing Information

* * Reservations: Please call Helen at 727-365-7931 * *

..What's Happening!..


TROLLING - come and get 'em!

The waters are warm so you'll be catching Spanish Mackerel, Barracudas, Bonitos and whatever else is chewin! 1/2 or 3/4 days


Drop your baits and come and get 'em!! Grouper trips are 8 or 10 hours, Red Snapper are 10 or 12 hour trips!

SHARK FISHING - 1/2 day shark or 3/4 day shark/trolling combo

Typically we are catching Black Tips and Spinner Sharks ranging 3-6 feet. Other possibilities include Hammer Heads and Tiger Sharks ranging 5-12+ feet, and occasional Bull Sharks and other Reef Sharks.

*Just a "Heads Up": The sharks that we catch aren't "little guys" so if you have children on the shark trip, they will be watching the adults fight the sharks...of course with their eyes wide open as big as golf balls and mouths hanging open! Children do not have the upper body strength to fight these sharks. But they do get a heckuva kick out of just seeing a shark! Also, it is solely under the Captain's discretion if he will board any sharks!

Book a 3/4 day combo trip of Trolling and Shark fishing. Those depart at 7am or 8am. Afternoon 1/2 day shark trips depart at 12pm or 1pm depending on our schedule. Shark trips are all "catch and release".

**We do not arrange split groups on Shark trips.

View some great fishing videos! Click image below!


Want to Mount your Catch?

Whether it's your first fish or your child's very first fish they ever can have your catch mounted by Gray Taxidermy. It's a 3 month service, very well worth it and it'll last forever! Just ask Captain Rich or Captain Mike for details.




Trolling is for beginners and experienced anglers alike. This is the type of trip we recommend if you have kids or if you just want to go out and have a lot of fun and of course, catch some great eating fish! Trolling is an absolute blast and typically there is consistent action so you or the kids don't have a chance to get bored! Here's how trolling works: Basically, the boat is constantly on the move circling through the bait piles, trolling the lines in the water and when a fish hits, you grab the rod and steadily reel your fish in! You won't be anchored up for this kind of fishing. This kind of fishing is typically done year-round!


Imagine being one on one with a shark! Captain Richard will take you out to the spot, anchor the boat, set out a chum line (puts scent into the water) and drops some big baits down. Sometimes it's waiting game and sometimes it's instant action! So when you get a "hook up"'s time to play tug of war with a shark!

It's an absolute blast! Exhilarating and sometimes exhausting, but the reward is the experience itself, and of course the bragging rights! The best time for shark fishing is in late Spring, Summer and Fall. *Shark trips are all "catch and release".


Experienced or beginner? No problem...our Captains take you to the fishing spot, anchor the boat, bait your hooks (unless you like to bait your own), you drop your baits down to the bottom and get ready for the bite! Sometimes the bite is instant and sometimes they nibble on your bait just to tease you. You have to be able to react on that bite in order to get the Grouper up off the bottom! Just remember, your Captain is there to help, teach and show you how it's done! When you lose your bait or "feed the fish", he'll just bait you again. This type of fishing is quite challenging but a lot of fun!

To reserve your next Clearwater fishing charter with us or have questions, please call Helen at 727-365-7931 or email us at

Thank you and we hope to see you soon!

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